• Deepa Vaidyan

    I highly recommend Odin-English. Anupama was a great support and guide. And I scored B in all modules especially in writing which I was struggling for a very long time. Her advice was what made me score high.

  • Dr Shweta Yadav

    I highly recommend OET preparation from Odin English. Teacher is knowledgeable and very flexible to accommodate with student’s schedule. Thanks for helping me getting me desires score B in all section in first attempt.

  • Hambi Ang

    I purchased the online crash course package few weeks before the OET test. It was the best decision to do so.Anupama Mam is highly knowledgeable, attentive & her feedback is a gem. With hard-work, faith,positive attitude and guidance from Odin English reputed coaches you can crack the test. Good luck.

  • Dr Mahesh k

    Highly professional and dedicated team. Their online correction services for writing component helped me a lot. Dr anupama did a great job by giving correct guidance.

  • Benit Lijo

    I passed my OET in the first attempt, for that I am really grateful to God and Anupama mam. I was really depressed & discouraged during my studies. But mam and Hemanth sir helped me a lot and gave full support, strong motivation and I got encouraged because of both of them. Whenever I will say I don’t know anything can you give me tips to improve, hemanth sir will collect a lot of materials and send to us. So if anyone asks me where to join for online OET I always recommended Odin English Anupama mam. Thank you, mam and team, for the success that I achieved in my life.

  • Arvindraj Rajasekar

    I found the tutors were very friendly and they never demotivate you, always tries to bring out the best in you. They guide us in the right way, all we need to do is practice and to follow the tips given by the tutors during our session and never the repeat the same mistake again and again. Try to correct it at the earliest. Then, Success will be yours.all the best for the upcoming health care professionals.

  • Dr K Sundeep

    Dr.Anupama is a rare combination of medical and English expertise. The way she taught for writing module, strategies to reading, listening and speaking were very helpful to secure B grade in all modules.Management by P.Hemant is very professional and helpful. I highly recommend Odin English for OET Preparation.

  • Karthikeya Noori

    Odin is best place for pursuing dream job for nurses and doctors throughout India. Group discussion studies through WhatsApp and telegram app where we can correct our mistakes and get professional guidance through Odin. We have best mentors, trainers who support us until we achieve our goals.

  • Preethi Veigas

    Thanks to Almighty god for showering his blessings on me. Dr Anupama, you are a great teacher and an excellent motivator, thank you for your kindness and constant support.Mr Hemanth, Thank you for all the help which you have extended towards me during my oet Journey.
    Dear friends, I strongly recommend Odin English. Study hard, Never give up and god bless you all

  • Maria Pinto

    Odin English is the best oet institute of India . I strongly recommend this institution for oet success. Dr Anupama is the exellent oet
    Certified trainer helps candidates to achieve their dreams . Good luck ..

  • Poonam

    Thanks ma’am you helped me a lot in my Exam. I’m really very happy thanks a lottt.

  • Ancy

    Thank you mam for all your help. I really appreciate your patience while teaching .May God bless you with good health and happiness .Love you so much .

  • Rasna

    Hello mam thank you so much…without your help I would never have achieved it…mam could u please send me your address…I really wanted to send u sweets

  • Joylin D Souza

    Thanks for motivating me maam.. havin faith in my writin

  • Preethi Sebastian

    Ma’am,so overwhelmed,hit the jackpot, got all Bs.Thank you so much for motivating and teaching me.

  • Aruna Kharel

    Yes, I got all B’s. Thank you for your help

  • Mariam Samson

    It was a great experience for me. Faculty members are professionals with good experience. Those who want to get succeeded in IELTS and OET can definitely join their team.

  • Deepika

    Thank you Dr Anupama for helping me to clear this exam

  • Rakhi Prasanth

    This is the first time I attempted OET. The training obtained from Odin English was unique to me. I’m very pleased with the training and trainers, who are very knowledgeable and lovable. The institution provides a homely atmosphere. I definitely recommend Odin to others because l know it helped me to clear my OET in the first attempt with two months of training. I hope and wish everyone in my Odin family achieve good results. Thank you Odin for the support and directions.

  • Arya Gouri

    ODIN ENGLISH;excellent guidance, good preperation materials,homely atmosphere,continuious motivation and positive re-inforcement , i highly recommends ODIN ENGLISH for OET aspirants

  • Vyshnavi R Nair

    No words to say about the lady behind my success. I have realized that there is a huge difference between the so called “oet tutors ” and trained, well established teacher like Dr Anupama. None of the institutes have identified the mistake in my writing which she could help me out. All I could muster up from my heart is deep felt gratitude for the results. Thanks to Odin English in order to make the journey a successful one.

  • Kilda Stephen

    I appreciate the effort Dr.Anupama Madam have taken to bring me in such a position to achieve success in OET. I thank Madam for giving excellent coaching and mentoring.

  • Nayana Gijesh

    Feb 8th was my 5th attempt of OET exam.i attended 3 different coaching after 3 attempt it was so frausted.i joined with Dr anupama after that my result got increased.I took online coaching and she used to correct and send to me if I couldn’t attend online class.I took only writing coaching on my 4th attempt,I got B in writing and others c plus.Then I joined for all modules and now I got all B grades.Her corrections are very good in writing.Other than this whenever I got stressed about exam she always support me.

  • Dr Darsana

    Thank you Odin English for your support to clear OET exam in the first attempt itself.Without your help and prayers I couldn’t have achieved this..and I made the right choice to get a well qualified coaching from this institute.Dr Anupama ma’am and Hemanth sir are the pillars of this institution who make colourful wings for OET aspirants to fly abroad and achieve their dreams.

  • Annies.P. Addai

    I passed my oet after I attended the practice section in this institution. Sir and madam are so dedicative and hard-working that I could achieve my oet score band. I give a great applause to sir and madam for their tireless work behind my success.This institution is an excellent institution for oet practice…..

  • Teeja Sam

    I would highly recommend Dr. Anupama for OET classes. She was very supportive throughout the OET journey.

  • Anju Ayiroli

    Thank you Dr anupama and Hemanth sir for guiding, inspiring and making me what iam today now,I am flying towards my dream.l have an excellent experience from Odin english and I strongly recommending Odin english for OET

  • Siva Kumar Gopal

    Odin has provided an excellent atmosphere to learn OET exactly as it should be. Especially, Dr Anupama madam’s dedication and commitment to help healthcare professionals to pass OET is greatly appreciated. The Director Mr. Hemanth Kumar is very helpful in all the ways for candidates irrespective of time and situation. The resource provided by Odin is top-notch. The method of teaching is incredibly innovative and new when compared to other institutions. I Strong recommend Odin for OET aspirants.

  • Tessy Thomas

    Thank u so much Dr Anupama mam & Hemanth sir Dr Anupama is a very good OET writing mentor i ever saw …. so , I am recommending her ,those who lost in writing multiple times

  • Gadam Gayathri

    An outstanding institute in India for Health care professionals who are seeking for overseas career.
    It is the best place I strongly recommend for appropriate guidance and for genuine practice materials which are utmost key for success of OET. My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Anupuma and Hemanth sir for their relentless support throughout my oet journey towards success to secure my grades.

  • Dr Sandhya Subhash

    Excellent .Dr Anupama is a good mentor and you are really comfortable with her and can perform to to your best potential

  • Sagar Asmar

    Highly highly recommended. I personally got success in OET only because of excellent teaching and valuable guidance at each step by professional teacher.

  • Sanal nadukkalathil

    Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value
    Qualified and updated staff. Standard materials

  • Elzy John

    Thankyou Hemant sir and Dr.Anupama.

  • Swapna Abraham (Elsamma)

    Thank you dear madam and sir for your great support to achieve my dream

  • Pavan Amin

    Their dedication and support for students. In addition to certified professional trainer.

  • Joby Kurien

    Dear Sir & ma’am,
    Thank you for your support and blessings.Finally I have triumphed.

  • Dr Sri Priya

    Sir, you and ma’am helped me a lot. Thank you.

  • Kavya Rai

    I am very thankful to Odin English for my success from my bottom of heart . my special thanks to Dr.Anupama for your special guidance and coaching . my heartfelt gratitude for Hemanth sir for motivation and suggestions .without you I wouldn’t have succeeded .I really recommend ODIN ENGLISH those they realy need OET Coaching.

  • Anna Israni

    Highly professional service

  • Sujith A Nair

    I know Hemant Pulijala for long time and i havent seen such a dedicated, hardworking, enthusiastic and skillful tutor. He is so humble and helpful and also resourceful

  • Ajeesh Krishnan

    I have an excellent experience from this institution.. Really getting huge number of materials also for practising.. Mock tests are really a good one to practise like the exam day…

  • Alex Melia

    Excellent school that has helped a huge amount of students to pass their English exams. Everything they do has the students’ best interests at heart. Highly recommended

  • Sheela Nair

    A big thank you for Anupama maam and Hemanth sir. I recommend ODIN english for all.Dr Anupama is the best mentor and counsellor I have ever seen. Whenever i was depressed ,she motivated me. They have variety of study materials also.

  • Blessy lal Kurisinkal

    I recommend coaching from Dr Anupama ,a dedicated OET mentor.Swoosh and Odin English is not money oriented. The most important thing is they will be with you till you pass.This is my personal experience .

  • Shilpa U

    Today I’ve got my re-evaluation result
    And in my speaking, I’ve got 400.
    Huge thanks to Dr Anupama Ma’am and Hemanth Sir for their immense love and support.
    It was my first attempt and I’ve got the UK score 😇. Now I know Choosing Odin was the right decision.
    Thank you 🥰

  • Sunitha Francis

    This course is really helping me to prepare for OET exam. As I am in Italy, I didn’t have any possibility to improve my English skill. But I could improve my English through this course very much. I passed the OET exam in the 3rd attempt.

  • Mahima Malini

    I have cleared my OET. Thank you Odin family. I will always be grateful to Dr Anupama and Hemanth sir for their support and kindness. It would be impossible to count all the way that you have helped me in my journey. Thank you for being a good mentor and for guiding me on the right path. It’s a wonderful place if you’re looking to prepare for OET.

  • Dr Balaji Vijayan

    I cracked OET with B grade in all subtests. This is my third attempt and cracked with the guidance of Dr Anupama mam. I’m really grateful to Odin English, Dr Anupama mam and Hemant sir. For the previous attempt, I had joined a coaching class where I had to ask them repeatedly for class and mocks. But here everything is upside down. I’m really grateful for your efforts Dr Anupama and Hemant sir. Thank you so much Odin English for initiating a new phase of my life.

  • Anjali C S

    Just awesome! I didn’t see any trainer’s like this. Anupama mam and Hemant sir are
    Really nice in OET coaching. Anyone can contact them at any time without hesitation. Comparing to other institutes, I strongly recommend my friends to contact Odin institute without a second thought for nourishing your abroad dreams. I got my 4 B’s yesterday. Thank you Odin family.

  • Dr Apoorva Reddy

    I contacted Ms Anupama 3 days before my test after failing in all my practice tests by Benchmark and E2. She agreed to work with me on such short notice, calmed me down and gave me pointers on each section, especially writing and speaking. She reassured me even on the night before the exam.

  • Lithin Philip

    This Odin English team helped me a lot to clear my OET exam. Especially Dr Anupama ma’am. She is a good teacher, and I am 100% sure about one thing if you are looking for a good OET trainer, She is the one you can rely on. I am proud to recommend Odin English to all OET candidates. Thank you.😊

  • Siji John

    Thank you Anupama mam and Hemant sir for helping me to achieve my goal. Your individual writing and the speaking correction were amazing. You know each students weak points and help to overcome it. Before joining Odin English, I tried other online coaching but it was not good. Finally, I came to the right place and cleared OET in my first attempt. This happened because of your effort mam. Thank you.

  • Mahesh Jayaprakash

    I’m very glad that I joined in Odin English and got passed OET under Dr Anupama madam and Hemant sir. Thank you for your support until I cleared my OET. I strongly recommend Odin English for OET, IELTS and PTE.

  • Geeta Bhandari

    her personal coaching has helped me to achieve a B grade in all the modules at one go, scoring b grade in writing was quite difficult for me. I genuinely recommend this centre for all aspirants who want to score b grade and above in OET.

  • Dr Tilak Pasupuleti

    Dr Anupama mam, being a tutor, has given me the best training possible. Individual speaking sessions were great.
    Even during the pandemic, Odin has managed to make online teaching seem to be like in classroom teaching.
    The main point I wish to highlight is about the personal care taken by Hemanth Sir. He provided me with all the materials and assessed my training regularly.
    Last but not the least, Professionalism is portrayed at its best even during this pandemic.
    If you want to sit for OET then look no further, Join ODIN for bringing out the best in you.

  • Remya P Nair

    I joined the Odin family for oet preparation as a regular student.,but, due to Covid pandemic and lockdown, I got a regular online class without any payment. I appeared the exam on October 24 and got 3 B & one C+. After remarking my score is increased to B. Dr Anupama mam and Hemant sir are the two pillars in my success. Thank you so much, mam and sir, for your great support and encouragement.

  • Beulah Siluvai

    You have turned my mourning into dancing.[Psalm 30:11].
    As like many daughters, my father’s recent death impacted my overall quality of life. Some wrong decisions clipped off my wings. Sense of despair was the end result.
    I started working hard, however, lacked some technical skills.
    On a dazzling day, ODIN English created a new telegram group and added me in all the four modules. Being inspired by many results, I enrolled in regular classes.
    ACE OET package was fantastic. Discovered, ODIN as a professional training centre.
    Dr Anupama is a mentor and woman with values. I was intrigued by her medical knowledge and English semantics. Otherwise, how can she mentor the medicine lions?
    Finally, this nursing tiger cleared OET in the first attempt!

    My friends!
    OET needs hard work with perseverance and also a good trainer.
    One who reads this!
    If you are a person on this same track,
    Your Persistent effort doesn’t go unnoticed!…
    God will turn your mourning into dancing.

  • Dr Tataji Nandipa

    I have cleared my OET exam in the very first attempt, this is only because of the training I got from Odin English.The grammar classes, writing and speaking sessions, mock tests everything helped me to get over this exam
    Special thanks to Anupama mam and Hemanth sir.🙏🙏

  • Ann Mary Jacob

    I’m Ann Mary Jacob. I am really great to be a part of Odin English. This institution is very excellent. It helps me to enhance my English to some extent. Dr Anupama madam and Hemanth sir are excellent. I felt very comfortable. While I’m practising with the help of Mock Test I came to know my level of English, which really worth full in OET exam, overall, experience with Odin really incredible. I enjoyed my classes and practise section very much. I am really thankful to Anupama madam and sir. It’s a place where you can excel your hidden talents. Few people are talented or interested in only a few things, for example, I like speaking, listening and writing, but I don’t like to read/ reading. But after going to classes here I was able to get interested and I did very well in my reading test (OET exam). This shows that Odin as encouraged me and trained me to get success in the exam. I am lucky to have my training in this institution. Thanks to social media through which I came to know about this coaching class. It was enjoyable movements in writing and speaking classes which had more discussions with madam, sir and other students. In addition, doing practice in the class apart from teaching gives me immense confidence. Overall this is an excellent academy to recommend others. My heartfelt thanks to Odin.

  • Preetha Abraham

    I am really thankful to Dr Anupama Mam and Hemanth sir. I attended online classes and Dr Anupama’s classes and corrections were very useful for me especially to understand my mistakes and improve my writing and speaking. Attending Odin classes will not only help you to score good grade but also provide good basics of English Grammer.
    Those who are planning to write OET, I strongly suggest ODIN ENGLISH is the best institution and Dr Anupama will be the best Tutor.

  • Anisa Abdulrahiman

    I had a nice experience from this institution. Really I am thankful to Dr Anupama and Mr Hemanth for their support and guidance.

  • Jincy John Joshy

    I am really great to be a part of Odin family. With the grace of almighty and your great authority helped me to clear my OET with 4B. Thank you Dr Anupama mam and Hemanth sir for your great support and guidance. I learned a lot from your classes because mam took extra time to explain things clearly even small mistakes. Really u are a dedicated mentor, without proper guidance, I may not achieve it. I always grateful to have you as my teacher. I got excellent coaching and guidelines to achieve my goal. I am proud to recommend Odin English to all OET candidates.Thank you🙏

  • Reshma Rajan

    I joined Odin family as a regular student. I got
    3B and 1c+.Hemanth Sir and Dr Anupama mam are providing good support, teaching, care and guidance. The way she teaches and individual attention made an improvement in all module. she is a good teacher. I feel a family atmosphere in Odin. I am glad that I am a part of Odin family. Thank you, sir and mam, to make my dream possible.

  • Soji Abraham

    I am really glad to share my OET journey with the Odin English team especially Dr Anupama mam and Hementh sir to achieve my dream. Their guidance and support help me to gain 4bs. I am really thankful for my dear mam and sir, and I strongly recommend Odin English group to all the students who are planning to prepare OET. Thank you.

  • Jithin K K

    One of the best language training centres at Calicut.

  • Anupriya Sudhakaran

    I would take this opportunity to thank Dr. Anupama mam and Hemant sir for helping me to succeed in the OET examination. More than my hard word it was their sincere dedication to guide and support me throughout my preparation. Mam always had hope in me and I am here with good grades today.
    God bless u, mam and sir…
    Pls, choose Odin English without any hesitation for OET as well as IELTS preparation.

  • Anjali

    Dr. Anupama from Odin English is one of the best oet tutor you can have. I have attended OET before, but I couldn’t secure the required score in speaking. Then I took online classes from Dr. Anupama. Thank God.. my decision was right. Her proper guidance and brilliant approach helped me to score 420 out of 500, which was 320 in the previous exam. If you have a selfless guide beside you, failure can be easily molded to success. From my personal experience, I can assure you that Dr. Anupama is such a teacher

  • Divya Rakesh

    It was a great experience with the Odin English family. Anupama mam and Hemanth sir are very supportive. I joined an online writing class, and the class was beneficial, especially individual corrections, and I scored B in the writing module. I strongly recommend Odin to those who are looking for the best OET trainers 👍🙂👌

  • Sruthi Sajith

    Thank you Anupama mam and Hemanth sir for my success in OET.Odin English provides excellent professional coaching and continuous support to every student. So I highly recommend Odin English for who wish to crack OET or IELTS.

  • Dr Aditya Dhami

    Must say..best coaching institute in India at an affordable price.
    Anupama mam is so humble, helpful, and understanding.
    The only institute that adjusts according to student 👍🏻

  • Dr Lakshmi Sunkara

    Highly recommended. Reasonable price, well_structured course plan, precise and informative daily classes, instant feedback on speaking and writing sections with student-friendly approach! Success guaranteed! Many thanks to the Odin team( Anupama mam and Hemanth sir) and best wishes !!

  • Nimisha Chacko

    From my experience, Odin English is the best institute for people who are planning to sit for oet. They will provide proper training in all aspects.

  • Arya Deepak

    I have achieved all B’s at first attempt with the help and guidance provided by Anupama mam. Speaking and writing corrections helped me a lot to improve my language skill. She is a good teacher with proficiency in English, professional attitude and dedication. Thank you mam for your support to achieve my goal. I highly recommend Odin English for OET aspirants.

  • Emily Joyce

    Anyone who wants to pass oet definitely opt ODIN ENGLISH. Today I passed oet with all 4 modules B, professional standard materials, Dr. Anupama’s meticulous guidance and correction is ingenious. I spent money previously on fancy options on the net but I regret it. If I would have chosen Odin English first, I don’t have to resit for the test. Thanks, Dr Anupama ma’am… I owe you big 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Jayarani Joseph

    Happy to be a part of Odin English. I was desperate and attempted oet 2 times when I approached Odin. Dr Anupama helped me a lot to improve all my modules especially writing. I was not able to cross 300 marks before reaching Odin. She is an expert in medical as well as the English language which helped me to improve my language and skills. I am glad to say that I secured an individual B score after taking training from Odin. Thanks to Hemanth sir who helped me hand in hand.

  • Rekha Krishnankutty

    I am very happy with the teachers of Odin classes. Anupama ma’am and Hemant Sir thank you. They all were very supportive and encouraging especially the team of ma’am involved in individual speaking sessions (Rodriguez mam,Lena mam and there is one more mam whose name I am not able to recollect), they were ready to help us at any given time. Anupama ma’am and Hemant sir were outstanding. Both of them believed and trusted in me that I would get a ‘B’ in speaking were as I had lost hope.
    Thank you to the whole Odin classes team for your support (even the office person who guided me regarding the payment).
    Will require your guidance and support later too.
    Love you all my excellent and exceptional teachers.

  • Anoob Azad

    A good institution for improving your language skill. I did OET from here. Dr Anupama and Dr Hemanth are really supportive. They will evaluate you and will provide assistance to attain your goal.
    Loved every minute of studying and gained great knowledge. Thank you all (Dr Anupama & Hemanth, advaith, athulya)

  • Dr Mizanur Rahman Bhuiyan

    Today my 6 March OET result published… Alhamdulillah got all B…finished a tremendously difficult journey for me.I never failed writing and speaking sessions after following your instructions though it was only a few days…
    Thank you again 💖💖

  • Vrinda Raj

    I have very good experience with Odin OET online training. Dr Anupama mam helped me for scoring B grade for writing. I personally thank Dr Anupama Madam and Hemant sir for my success. Also, I highly recommend Odin English for all who wishes to pass OET/ IELTS. Thanks a lot, Mam and Sir. 🙏

  • Rini J S

    I would like to thank Dr Anupama and team Odin -English for the great mentoring and excellent feed back on my work which helped me to build confidence as well as to enhance my English language skills. After a month of online coaching at Odin-English, I passed OET with good scores.

  • Praisy Thomas

    I joined as online students in Odin English. First of all… I thank Almighty God for help me to find such wonderful institutions with dedicated teaches. Dr Anupama is committed to teaching her students..to improve their English proficiency. I have learned from my mistakes from feedbacks. Anupama mam taught us by adopting different teaching strategies which helped me to achieve this success. Thank you Anupama mam for your guidance and valuable feedback…first I got 3 Bs and one c plus…I wrote again with the support of Odin English and I achieved 4 Bs…Thank you once again.🤩

  • Anjali Ashok

    Thank you very much for your valuable training. I never expected that I am going to attend such wonderful and knowledgeable classes in Odin English when one of my friends introduced Dr Anupama. I was very poor in English grammar as I studied in Malayalam medium in my school education. What ever I scored in OET that all credit will go to Dr Anupama and Hemanth Sir. I strongly recommend Odin English for who ever is looking for OET training.

  • Dona Mathew

    Hemanth sir and Anupama mam made my day ..listening and reading strategies helped me to improve my skills..grammar classes and individual speaking sessions were so beneficial. I can recommend Odin English to any OET aspirants through my experience.

  • Sreenadh

    With God’s grace, I passed OET. I use this opportunity to thank Dr Anupama and Dr Hemanth who helped me to achieve this goal. Initially, I scored a C grade in writing and was really struggling with reading and writing, with the help of a well-structured class I was able to achieve my dream and got a B grade in both. Thank you Thank you all. I highly recommend Odin English for everybody.

  • Dr Ravi Kumar

    I cleared OET medicine with 4 B’s in my first attempt. The effort put up by ma’am and the rest of the Odin team has been of utmost importance. Writing and speaking sessions were very very helpful. To start with I was apprehensive about speaking. Just a couple of classes and I was clear on how to proceed. The best part is once in a week exams are conducted which was very helpful.

    An honest effort by them matched by my work brought about the desired result.

    Thank you, ma’am. You and your team deserve full credit.

  • Dr Deepan Panneerselvam

    4Bs yes. I had only almost 7 days to prep for the exam. Though I had a little idea on listening and reading, I was panicking about speaking and writing. I hesitantly joined Odin online classes for the 7 days. But it took me very little time to realise it was the best decision. Dr Anupama is such an amazing mentor. She and her team meticulously explained every little aspect that I should know about and provided me with enough confidence and intellect to attend the exam. Came out with flying colours. Highly recommending Odin for your preparation. Good luck guys. Thanks to the team at Odin.

  • Dr Thabuna Sivaprakasam

    I joined Odin at the last minute, just a week before my exam. They were very punctual and professional in their classes and familiarised us with everything we needed to know. I extend my gratitude to Dr. Anupama for being so involved in teaching us, patient to answer our doubts and for her dedication towards the students. Thank you Odin!

  • Dr Mahaloom

    It was a great experience with the Odin English team. The writing sessions along with grammar classes conducted by Dr. Anupama mam were meticulous and concept-oriented. The Reading and listening sessions were very challenging and tutors were very patient and understanding. Speaking sessions done under the guidance of Dr. Anupama mam were very fruitful in improving confidence and fluency.
    Practicing Listening and reading tasks through the online method helped in gaining extra time on the exam day. Also, the various tips given by the tutors Orien mam and Neena mam really helped to keep up the confidence while taking the exam. Dr. Anupama mam corrects our mistakes so well that I was afraid to write this review because she would spot mistakes even in this and can advise me on making it better😄. The price for the package seems pricy at first but it’s worth every single penny.

  • Dr Karthi

    Odin English is exceptionally professional. They had given great support throughout the OET journey for me and I achieved great scores to pursue my further studies in the UK. Really appreciate the effort of Anupama mam Hemant sir.

  • Krishna V S

    I didn’t have any confidence to pass OET until and unless I meet Anupama Mam… Being an average Malayalam medium student, who didn’t have much grip in English, passing an English language test was always a Herculean task for me. When my friend Nidhin gave a very positive review about Odin academy, I decided to give it a try with a lot of skepticism in my mind. But, the very next day of my joining itself I realized that Odin is the institute that I was searching for a quite a long time. Zoom group writing sessions with Dr. Anupama helped me to learn many things not only from my mistakes but also from the other letters which were discussed in each session. One on one’s speaking sessions made me much more confident in speaking. In addition, I haven’t heard of any other institutions which give special attention to reading and listening other than Odin. Odin’s daily reading and listening sessions made that module easier. I would like to thank the entire Odin crew for adding colors to my dreams. I would say Odin is the best institute one can trust while trying to make one’s dreams come true.


    Hai my dear friends,
    In My Genuine view, ODIN is an simple Institute of studies ,but I felt they know about the theory in finding who you are inside you and what you have to be in future, that’s what all about a team of well-wishers can make you grow high… On behalf of my personal studying experience, I Highly recommend and appreciate ODIN’S Sincerity towards a student, which is really missing in many institutional Profile nowadays…


    I highly recommend ODIN OET and Dr.Anupama those who are dreaming to achieve your required score . ODIN OET is not only a OET training center they are linguistic experts. I always recommend to my friends and colleagues to choose a linguistic expert to crack your dream . Dr.Anupama is the best example of a language expert. She is the only one helped to my dream comes true . Thank you so much for all ODIN OET team members . Mam you are Awesome 😍


    Thank you ma’am, first of all for your whole hearted dedication, which impressed me a lot. Teaching is so coordinated and step by step, as if there was no burden of learning. Not so much of works or exercises, just what is needed. Ma’am and other teachers here helped me to stay positive throughout the program. I had one of the best environment here.

  • SUNI V T

    I really had a very good experience in studying in this center. Dr.Anupama is really talented and helpful in achieving the target score. I would like to recommend this centre to my friends who are trying to study OET.

  • Shiny Mathew

    First of all, I thank my Lord almighty for all blessings. I owe my sincere gratitude to Dr. Anupama Mam and Odin team for making my dream come true. Your patience, encouragement, and support mean everything to me. Your daily sessions for all four modules helped me a lot. You were always one call away and answered when I needed help with sessions. I recommend everyone to join Odin because ODIN works with such determination and great sincerity. You are simply the best. Thank you for being awesome. May God bless you all.

  • Anu Mathew

    I would like to say thank you for your support and your useful package as it helped me to pass the OET exam. It would have been really difficult to pass it without you. Thank you, Dr. Anupama and all other teachers…All the very best to team Odin English. I highly recommend Odin to all the test takers.

  • Soumya Joshil

    Hi Everyone,
    I am Soumya Joshil, my Oet results came and I am glad to inform you that I have scored individual b in each module. The reason behind my success is the Odin institute where I have joined the group class of Dr. Anupama mam. I am really happy to be a part of Odin family. They are providing grammar classes which helped me a lot and the writing correction which I got from both Anupama mam and Neena mam was really helpful. The speaking sessions that was conducted by Neena mam, helped me to improve my language as well as my confidence. My special thanks to silky mam, Roopa mam and Nahitha mam.
    So my dear friends, if you are planning to take Oet, I would like to recommend Odin institute where you will get certified trainers and special sessions for reading and listening. Thank you Odin institute for your support and prayers. Once again my special thanks and love to Anupama mam and Neena mam.

  • Dr.Tasneem Azeez

    Thank you Odin for helping me crack OET in the first attempt. Owing to being a Malayalam medium student, before joining here I was a little bit anxious about this test. But, I gained a lot of confidence with just a couple of sessions. It was such a great experience with dedicated tutors. Several tips given by Neena ma’am and Mariya ma’am made me more confident in speaking and writing. More importantly, Dr. Anupama ma’am’s systematic way of teaching and strategies in every module was really priceless.

  • Jesna Jaison

    Thank you Almighty God as well as Odin for your support and helping me to pass OET

  • Dr.Swarnadeep Ammula

    I got through my OET in 1st attempt with B in all 4 sections. Thanks to Team ODIN, especially Anupama mam and Arputha mam for guiding me through this journey and making this possible. I’d definitely recommend ODIN as they’ve trained and qualified teachers who’d help you achieve your goal!

  • Vinny Thomas

    It was a great experience with the Odin English team. First of all a big thanks to the entire team especially Dr.Anupama. You are the best teacher. I recommended Odin to many of my friends.I was impressed by your teaching, sincerity, and dedication and the entire team was really helpful. You are the reason behind my success in my first attempt… once again thank you so much

  • Nimmy Stephen

    Thank you Odin for the excellent guidance and support. I got a UK to score recently.Special thanks to Mariyam mam and Anupama mam.In my opinion, Odin is one of the best institutions for oet in Kerala.I recommend Odin for all who wish to take oet.

  • Dr.Naga Priya Kotaru

    I could score a straight A in listening and reading all because of Odin, which was my first attempt indeed. I would specially thank my tutor Ms. Oreian, who was extremely patient and supportive!!
    Thank you Ms Anupama mam!!
    I owe you guys big time!!

  • Nafseena

    With God’s grace 🙏 I passed oet. I use this opportunity to convey my thanks to the entire Odin English team especially Dr Anupama and Neena mam.I was really impressed by your teaching, sincerity, and dedication. I studied in another popular oet institution in Kerala, but I would say Odin English is the best academy one can trust because Odin English is exceptionally professional. I strongly recommend this institution to those who wish to crack their Oet in the first attempt.

  • Silpa P Nair

    Thank you Odin for helping me to secure my desired score for OET. Especially Anupama Ma’am, I am really thankful to u for your
    Proper guidance and support. You are really a wonderful teacher and your guidance helped
    a lot.Thank u Ma’am and thanks to the teachers who guided me.

  • Rinky

    My sincere Thanks to Anupama mam and Hemant Sir, who have been a great pillar fr my oet studies. I failed 2times taking coaching from untrained people. This time God was merciful that he lead me to Anupama mam especially reading and writing were my weakness. Thank you mam… Your teachings are truly a blessing to me.
    My heartful Thanks!!God bless!!💐💐

  • Dr.Suresh babu

    Value for money. Provided personalized coaching sessions for speaking part of OET. Overall good experience. Better than others in the market.

  • Vipin Kallingal

    Dr. Anupama madam is a great mentor, Teacher moreover a good listener. She has concrete knowledge of English that helped with my IELTS preparation. That Came out fruitful. I do recommend this Odin English for IELTS Aspirants

    Thank you Odin team for your support

  • Arun MK

    I have decided to choose Odins with the referral from a friend… & I have experienced that it was the right decision.
    Odins has given a personal teacher who was very talented and supportive… Vijaya Lakshmi Mam was my trainer and it was all because of her support and guidance, I cleared my CBT.
    She was very supportive in adjusting the timings because I had a very tight working schedule during the course.
    Once again thanks to odins and vijaya Lakshmi Mam

  • Priyanka Joy

    I’m completely satisfied. My language proficiency has improved a lot and I would definitely recommend courses at ODIN. I like the way of teaching, the friendly atmosphere, and that the courses are affordable and I can choose the most convenient time for my classes. I am glad I found good teachers and sessions which helped me to gain proper learning skills in all my OET modules.

  • Dr.Chandra Kumar

    I was struggling with writing and speaking.
    ODIN ENGLISH made everything clear on what to do.
    I am very thankful to the tutor.

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