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    For anyone seeking overseas education , a country which values the cultural diversity brought by international students is no less than paradise. Australia encourages such cultural exchange .It is a safe and peaceful country with helpful and friendly natives .The beautiful country has serene and picturesque beaches for the ones who love the waves and sandy shores. There is wildlife and national parks too. The country also has wide options for entertainment and a good range of centres to shop , fine dining as well as pubs and night clubs.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Students have many reasons for choosing overseas education programmes.The most common reasons for the gaining popularity of overseas education are the options for high-quality of education, exposure to new cultural groups, gaining a global mindset and widening their future employment prospects.

    Once you’ve made up your mind about where you want to study, you should start to think about choosing a program and a university, if you haven’t already. You can consult Odin English for your Courses, Colleges/Universities and Countries.

    In order to get admitted in an overseas education institution , there are requirements students will have to meet, whether it is an undergraduate or a postgraduate programme. Depending on the field of studies, programmes and other relevant factors, competition can vary. The two essential criteria are however, high school grades/performance as well as language skills .Odin English , in addition to their overseas education consultancy, provides coaching in OET,IELTS,PTE,CELPIP,GRE,SATand GMAT through its education wing.

    There are limited financial aid for international students . There are a few scholarships offered by some universities/government but they are very competitive. We do not have a standard list of available scholarships. You will have to research the individual university websites for this information.Odin English shall assist you in the same.

    This will depend on the city where you study.. Costs may vary depending on the lifestyle.

    This will depend on whether or not your country allows you to work. In some countries, there are restrictions on the amount of paid work you can undertake during your studies. Often there’s a limit of 20 hours’ paid work per week during term time, with full-time work permitted during holidays.

    If you have any more questions regarding how to study abroad, that haven’t already been addressed, feel free to contact us we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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